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Usually you provide three kinds of content, which get presented to your website visitor:

  1. Written content
  2. Images
  3. Other downloadable files (e.g. mp3, .zip-files, …)

Written content

That is where you write your boring or compelling stuff :). That what you read right now is written into one of the files in the content root folder /content/. There you have further subdirectories which determine whether there are more categories.

You can imagine the organization of directories just like the order of your word documents or similar. If you configured your larder-guide properly your sites will be organized in categegories and contents as you layouted them in the file system.


It is good style to put images to a different location and then include them in your content files (see above) through <img> tag. You have put your images (.png,.jpg,.gif etc.) into /images/ folder. You should access these images through functions provided in script image_access.php5.

Other downloadable files

Sometimes you provide different type of files to download (non html, images) like some piece of music (.mp3) or an archive (.zip,.tar) or similar. You have to put these files into /files/ folder. You should access these files through a function (printLinkToFile) provided
in hyperlink_access.php5.